Saturday, 23 October 2010

bada-ba-da-badada… assorted notes

"So," I said, "how did you get into swing?"

"Well," he said. "When I was in Canada two years ago, I was seeing this girl and we went dancing. She started jumping from side to side and then she was jumpin' all over me.
I said: What the feck are you doing?
She said: I'm swing dancing.
I haven't looked back since."

I have been learning to dance the charleston in London and it's the cutest thing I've ever done. The charleston at its best plays out like a good joke.
I use this to illustrate my point. Something to aspire to:

Here is something else amazing. It made me laugh my head off, and fall in love with Jen Kirkman just a little bit.

A SIDE NOTE… To re-cap on my last post, I found out that Hampshire Constabulary do have women on their 'Galaxy' rape investigation unit. This pleases me.

I'd like to spend a day with them, journalistically, but I am currently working in London.


Last night my father was in London and we went to see Krapp's Last Tape. There are a few things I noticed. Firstly, Gambon does a lot of acting with his fingers, moving them in a fascinating way, with his face crumpled and papery with emotion.

Secondly, his voice is amazing. He imbued a sonorousness in this line that spoke to me of old houses and the ticking of grandfather clocks:

"Past midnight. Never knew such silence. The earth might be uninhabited."

Farewell Grahame Holmes…

I've shed a fair few tears thinking about what makes a good life, recently, because one of my favourite musicians passed away this week. He was a conductor, a teacher and an inspiration to everyone. It had been years since I last saw him conduct, but he had an extraordinary warmth for others, lighting up in response to a single hint of interest from a student.

He possessed the strength of assuming the best of everyone, and this faith was returned. I think it takes a great person to abandon all misgivings and remain open to the world.

Most of all I remember being moved to tears in rehearsal by Grahame's devotion to feeling things deeply, as a way and a creed. Every Saturday, hands raised, he would entreat us to play with feeling.

"If you don't have passion, you don't have anything."
-Grahame Holmes.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

London my old friend

"What are you saying?"
"I don't understand."

He took a moment, then tried again.

"I need 80p."

"Oh." I looked at his face, which was half asleep.

We were outside Sainsburys, where I'd sat down, having just spent £3 on 2 smoothies.

I'd been wondering, while sipping my vanilla bean concoction, whether this was decadent for an intern that hasn't sorted out a Saturday job.

"Take this instead," I said, thrusting the second smoothie into his hands.


"I've not got any change," I added, smiling.

"Thanks," he mumbled, but didn't move. His dazed look intensified and he gestured to his lips.

"You've still got milk 'round your mouth," he managed.

"Oh." I wiped it off.

With great effort, he winked. It reminded me of the way old fashioned doll-babies wink, one eyelid following the other…

I started my internship today - four celebrity interview transcripts in one afternoon. Quite fascinating, as I feel like I've been socialising with them in depth.

I also ate some cake and applied for some things. It's been a good day.

Check out my VB report about cold cases of rape being investigated in Hampshire

I noted at the briefing that all four police officers were men, while all five journalists were women.

Is there a shortage of female detectives? Possibly - I don't know .

The question of whether there are any women on Operation Galaxy's team only occurred to me afterwards. I don't know anything about the balance of gender in investigating rape cases but I've sent a follow-up email because I suspect it's an important question.

Oh dear it's past 1 already. Time for bed.

I will leave you with an amusingly erotic secretary (or intern?), courtesy of Belle and Sebastian.