Thursday, 10 December 2009


My coursemates made me amazing birthday brownies today! I'm 23 this week.

Or should I say, we're 23 this week. I'm one of triplets, which has its pros and cons. I've always had people to laugh at my more inane jokes…
(not that this is me, but I'm sure this baby speaks for us all):

However, I have failed to capitalise on a niche market in identical dressing and its associated circus tricks…

Christ…… Do they have bones? Or any major organs?

Birthday treat - I met up with my sisters in London last weekend and our parents took us to see Michael Morpurgo's War Horse. I MUST PLUG War Horse. The stage is the best place to tell this story, and the puppets are magical, very emotive.

It also gave me a sense of stability. I reckon there's a PACT that comes into play in all family gatherings, of continuity. We could be turning into porcupines in private - after all my sisters and I are on different paths now, life throws up its fair share of roughage, especially in your early twenties when you're trying to *embark* on something. I expect I've changed a lot… but on reuniting, planets orbit in their established patterns.

I wonder if it's the same for my parents, or whether they get a picture of gradual and irrevocable change in their children, while we see them as a stable force in our lives…

When the picture inevitably changes, that must be really hard to deal with, and I suppose the trick when considering the future is to maintain an immovable certainty within yourself.

Enough pontificating.

Had two exams this week, and am preparing for work experience. Demands over Christmas look to be heavy as usual.

Twenty-Something! Welcome to LIFE. It's very late now, and I've not done everything I need to do yet.

Off to London tomorrow, to see the Supreme Court and have a bit of a birthday party… :-)

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  1. Those babies really know how to share a joke! Head-banging. It's flippin' hilarious. Ah, happy memories!