Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Clay and articles…

Mission accomplished.

In addition to that lovely stuff, I've been finding out about poorly-negotiated changes to social care on the Isle of Wight…

The next installment should be published tomorrow. Yesterday I phoned 16 conservative councillors to ask inconvenient questions.

I was terribly humble but the second man I introduced myself to still sounded like he wanted to spit on me and cut me off without saying goodbye. I captured his anger in shorthand though. (Geeky dance of victory).

In other news, I have found out that Island folk don't just care about roads. They also care about 200-year-old walls under threat from planning.

There's other stuff too, but it's less exciting (less exciting? Why yes, pumpkins. I prefer the stories in which I wasn't helped so much by PR people. I did conduct a pleasant interview with a new employee at IW Steam Railway, but consider my write-up a bit twee.)

Apart from that, just job-seeking and trying to get a larger feature off the ground. In testing the water, I've discovered that prisons are fairly impenetrable. What a surprise. :)


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