Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Meanwhile, on a less industrious note

I've seen Kick Ass and I don't know why it's viewed as controversial…

Well, wait… I do know. It's the pre-pubescent girl wearing leather and the cartoon violence. But you'll only find that titillating if there's something irrevocably wrong with you already! This film will corrupt nobody. It made me laugh so much I cried.

Also… Fionn Regan should be old news by now but I've only just got the memo. I find his self-conscious emulation of Bob Dylan here quite charming! Especially the hat and sunglasses which, combined with the pratfall, make him look about TWELVE.

And this Villagers song appeals to the frustrated artist in me. :) Hooray for creepy pigs and lyrical poetry.


  1. Kick-Ass will corrupt no-one, and might liberate a few young girls from misconceptions about their destiny in society - precisely why the moral guardians of the nation are in such a brou-ha-ha about it. "Heaven forfend, a young girl committing violence! That ever the like should be!".

    They'll suck down a dozen pre-pubescent victims and accept that this is appropriate viewing for adults, but dearie dearie, that a child should take arms (against a sea of troubles and in so doing, end them).

    One wonders if the people who dislike the movie have ever seen it, or a news article about the state of the real world.

  2. Oh come off it, Hit Girl's no moral crusader. One of the most entertaining aspects of watching this film was listening to a bloke behind me squeaking 'oh my go-od!' and 'what the -fuck?!?!' at every new twist of her knife.

    It's candidly observed that she's been brainwashed and that this isn't a good thing for her. She and her father hardly portrayed as a healthy pair of individuals! She's brave, but she's also used.

    If we want to take the film *seriously* for a moment, she's a lot like real child soldiers, who are isolated from alternative role models, given drugs, and brainwashed with hollywood films.

    It's probably not advisable to take Kick Ass too seriously, and no, I don't think Big Daddy is a good role model and neither is she, but Red Mist is also quite lovable. It brings to light the nerdy madness of crusaders, ill-advised or otherwise. :)