Wednesday, 6 October 2010

London my old friend

"What are you saying?"
"I don't understand."

He took a moment, then tried again.

"I need 80p."

"Oh." I looked at his face, which was half asleep.

We were outside Sainsburys, where I'd sat down, having just spent £3 on 2 smoothies.

I'd been wondering, while sipping my vanilla bean concoction, whether this was decadent for an intern that hasn't sorted out a Saturday job.

"Take this instead," I said, thrusting the second smoothie into his hands.


"I've not got any change," I added, smiling.

"Thanks," he mumbled, but didn't move. His dazed look intensified and he gestured to his lips.

"You've still got milk 'round your mouth," he managed.

"Oh." I wiped it off.

With great effort, he winked. It reminded me of the way old fashioned doll-babies wink, one eyelid following the other…

I started my internship today - four celebrity interview transcripts in one afternoon. Quite fascinating, as I feel like I've been socialising with them in depth.

I also ate some cake and applied for some things. It's been a good day.

Check out my VB report about cold cases of rape being investigated in Hampshire

I noted at the briefing that all four police officers were men, while all five journalists were women.

Is there a shortage of female detectives? Possibly - I don't know .

The question of whether there are any women on Operation Galaxy's team only occurred to me afterwards. I don't know anything about the balance of gender in investigating rape cases but I've sent a follow-up email because I suspect it's an important question.

Oh dear it's past 1 already. Time for bed.

I will leave you with an amusingly erotic secretary (or intern?), courtesy of Belle and Sebastian.

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  1. Very heartwarming to think of you contributing to that chap's five-a-day! Wonder what he'd have spent the 80p on? I'm thinking probably not smoothie…

    Shortage of female detectives? I'm thinking probably yes, but I don't know the stats either.

    Belle and Sebastian: for some reason I never can match them with their music, so thanks for reminding me that this catchy song is indeed them!