Friday, 16 July 2010

"It's rude not to say hello."

In London, so many strangers can see your face, but that's no bad thing. Recently, I was on the overground as night fell, crying discretely.


A direct smile makes a world of difference. Instantly, I dried up.


His friends started laughing.

"I just told them, it's rude not to say hello," he said. "Where've you come from?"

"Nowhere in particular. I'm going to my sister's in Acton."

He asked me what I do, so I told him about Salon D'Été, trying to paint this picture for him.

"It's pop-up," I said. "The whole place might be going under soon."

We never exchanged names, but were solid friends for 30 seconds and I forgot what I was sad about.

"You're getting off?" he said. "I thought you'd be coming back to mine."

The whole thing could just have been an extended chat-up line - but life's better when it's riskily open than routinely alienating.

Worries come and go. The important thing is completely removed, and this video seems to capture it. Oh… Andrew Bird

On further musical notes - last night the Salon was alive with joy. Regulars The Dixie Ticklers got the place jumping and I'm not sure how 'ambience' is created, but credit design by my friend Ed Saperia, who appears to have a talent.

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