Monday, 17 May 2010

Times internship over - Victoriana for cash

At risk of sounding sycophantic, work experience at The Times was amazing. I shadowed the defence editor, who effected on me a kaleidoscopic sense of awe. All the exciting stuff was off-record, though, so I can't describe it here. She made me giddy by telling me I have 'the right drive'. I'll need it. The print media market is shrinking and the pool of talent grows daily.

The cost of my incessant job/internship-hunting will be slightly supplemented by some part-time work I've just acquired at a London nightclub, to open on Friday. I went to the site today and found the interior still being built.

'Hello, what do you do?'
'I'm a trained journalist but I have no job. I've also got waitressing experience.'
'Well we need bus boys and girls, I'll give you my email address, you've got my phone number…'
(behind him is only dust and noise, a vast encampment of ladders, stage lights, bar stools and debris…)
'Is there anything I can do to help?'
'Well I have to move all this wood downstairs, but- I really don't think-'
'Why? Because I'm a lady?'
'I can carry wood.' I beamed. I am highly versatile

So I got dusty while the important people discussed who was doing what where and what the acts needed and how it was all to be built on schedule.

A small flutter followed when one of my triplet sisters arrived, being short of cash too - isn't everyone? The owner immediately mixed us up and got quite excited about it.

At last, an opportunity to capitalise on mutant clone status.

We're to be dressed identically, and play the twin act. I assume they want the cute version. Need I remind you of the alternative…

Wins'em every time.

Since this is an ad-hoc part-time deal, I hope the clientele tip well. I will be fitted for a Victorian costume on Wednesday, but I need to find my own shoes… Apart from that, I've been applying for jobs and internships today and checked out the High Courts because I'm keeping an eye on a case… Apparently, judgement has been suspended. I'm an optimistic rookie all the same. I've got a piece in The Times and that's got to count for something, hasn't it?

On a much smaller, lighter note, check out my review of Dreadzone on page 17 of The Hackney Gazette.

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  1. He heh, love the clip! Have you ever seen a film where identical twins were portrayed as NOT weird? I'm struggling to think of one.

    Entertaining blog, as always.